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What is Share Trade Tracker?

Share Trade Tracker is an excel spreadsheet that allows traders to easily update and track the performance of their trading data in one place.

It consists of the right mix of trade recording functions, in a user-friendly format with in-built automation that really saves time. The inclusion of a filtered dashboard, charts and reports gives the trader all the tools they need to monitor trading performance

ShareDividends direct integration benefits! 

Keeping track of your expected dividend income is quick and easy for Share Trade Tracker users with a custom integration to

The integration provides a search and record capability for dividends, including franking credits & franked % for Australian shares. No more manual lookup and entry of dividend data. Simply use the “Find Dividends” button on the Share Trade Tracker custom navigation ribbon and your dividend data is automatically returned for all your positions.

Find Dividends 

Once dividend details are found and recorded on the dividend worksheet, they are automatically included to the Share Trade Tracker dashboard for analysis.


Some of the other benefits of using Share Trade Tracker

  • Track multiple portfolios, trade types including short trades from any exchange around the world.
  • Easy to use pop-up forms to add, update or delete shares quickly and accurately
  • Custom ribbon displays all commands to control Share Trade Tracker making navigation easy.
  • Automatic retrieval of share prices and dividends
  • Upload multiple trades to save time
  • Easy to use pop-up forms to add, update or delete shares quickly and accurately
  • Find and select forms allow searches for specific securities or trade types in your workbook
  • Dashboard updates automatically to display the key indicators of your portfolio performance.
  • Profit / loss and % Gain / loss automatically recalculates. Custom stop loss / take profit warnings are included to support your trading model
  • Worksheet and dashboard filtering, helps you analyse particular aspects of your trading.
  • Brokerage can be set on a portfolio basis allowing for different brokerage arrangements and more time saved.
  • Better analysis with custom charts to show net unrealised and realised profit / loss and display the best and worst performing shares in your portfolio.
  • Keep your accountant happy with custom reports providing a summary of your past financial years trading costs and dividends.

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