Purchase Historical Dividend Data

Dividend history compiled for all current ASX Listed companies. Incorporate this comprehensive time series data into your own share investment and dividend analysis.

Comes as a format friendly comma separated value (csv)  file and can be imported into Excel, Access and wide range of applications.


  • All current ASX Listed Stocks
  • Company Code
  • Company Name
  • Industry Sector
  • Dividend Amount
  • Ex Dividend Date
  • Books Close Date
  • Payment Date
  • Franking Percentage
  • Last pre Ex-Dividend price
  • Lagged annual yield at last Pre Ex-Dividend price
  • Return on investment at last Pre Ex-Dividend price
  • Supplied immediately in downloadable csv file



ASX Dividend History for 2019/20 $99



1 Year Dividend History $99



5 Year Dividend History $149



12 Year Dividend History $219