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HUON AQUACULTURE GROUP(HUO) has declared a Final dividend of $0.03 per share. The dividend is franked at 50.00% therefore the franking credit is $0.00643 per share. HUON AQUACULTURE GROUP will go ex-dividend on 26-09-2019. The dividend will be paid in 24 days on 17-10-2019.

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Year High:
Year Low:
Market Capitalisation:
Net Tangible Assets:
Earnings per Share:
Dividends per Share:
Dividend Cover:
Price Earnings Ratio:
Forecast 5 Yr
Earnings Growth:
   Food Beverage & Tobacco
   $0.4 billion
   $3.597 billion

   104.98 %pa


Dividend Payment History for HUON AQUACULTURE GROUP(HUO)

Ex Dividend Date Record Date Payable Date Amount Franking Rate Franking Credit Gross Dividend Further Information

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