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The dividend yield of a company share is the company's annual dividend payments divided by its market capitalisation, or the dividend per share, divided by the price per share. It is often expressed as a percentage.

The dividend yield can signal a lot about investors opinions regarding a stock. A high dividend yield is mostly considered desirable among investors - it means the investor will get a solid cash payment in return for holding the shares.

How to Use the Dividend Yield Scanner

Use the Scanner below to identify high yielding dividend stocks. ASX dividend stocks can be filtered by sector, yield and days to next dividend. Results can then be sorted by stock code, company name, sector, yield, dividend per share and days to next dividend.

Watch out for stocks that present a dividend trap - shares that have a dividend yield of 10% or greater are usually distressed and very risky investments. An extremely high dividend yield can be viewed as evidence that the stock is under priced or that the company has fallen on hard times and future dividends will not be as high as previous ones. Similarly a low dividend yield can be considered evidence that the stock is overpriced or that future dividends might be higher.

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CodeCompanySectorDPSShare PriceYieldForecast Next Div Date





CodeEx DateAmt
DJW29-Jan-19$ 0.1
OZG01-Feb-19$ 0.0025
WIC01-Feb-19$ 0.03
SMR01-Apr-19$ 0.03
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