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Dividend History

Why is Historical Dividend Data Important?

Looking at a stock's historical dividend payouts can give investors a good idea of emerging dividend trends, and also provide insight as to the company's overall dividend philosophy.

While most dividend-paying companies will always claim that they have no plans to reduce their dividends, the results can often be quite different. The historical numbers, however, don't lie. Simply put, companies that have a history of dividend cuts are more likely to make further cuts in the future. The same holds true for companies with a history of increasing their dividends.

Historical Dividend Data

Dividend payouts remaining stagnant is also unattractive to dividend-minded investors. In general, investors should look for stocks with industry-leading (but sustainable) dividend yields, with a solid history of increasing their dividends.

The dividend history of all current ASX stocks is available below. Select the ASX stock code and click submit.

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CodeEx DateAmt
CAF22-Sep-17$ 0.082
GAP22-Sep-17$ 0.01
IGL22-Sep-17$ 0.08
CIE25-Sep-17$ 0.035
CIW25-Sep-17$ 0.015
CNU25-Sep-17$ 0.1141
IMF25-Sep-17$ 0.04
MRN25-Sep-17$ 0.03
SGF25-Sep-17$ 0.0927
SWM25-Sep-17$ 0.02
WPP25-Sep-17$ 0.021
ACK26-Sep-17$ 0.01
BWR26-Sep-17$ 0.065
SRX26-Sep-17$ 0.3
MXI27-Sep-17$ 0.015
MYR27-Sep-17$ 0.02
PFG27-Sep-17$ 0.0045
ARF28-Sep-17$ 0.032
BWF28-Sep-17$ 0.018
CAB28-Sep-17$ 0.1
EBO28-Sep-17$ 0.2685
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