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CodeEx DateAmt
AMC7/9/15$ 0.2856
CLT7/9/15$ 0.01
CSL7/9/15$ 0.8999
CTN7/9/15$ 0.037
HSN7/9/15$ 0.03
IAG7/9/15$ 0.16
PPG7/9/15$ 0.015
QUB7/9/15$ 0.028
SDM7/9/15$ 0.06
SRV7/9/15$ 0.11
AGI8/9/15$ 0.05
AVJ8/9/15$ 0.03
BAP8/9/15$ 0.047
CKL8/9/15$ 0.0125
COH8/9/15$ 1
CTD8/9/15$ 0.1
CTE8/9/15$ 0.005
HHL8/9/15$ 0.095
ORA8/9/15$ 0.04
OZL8/9/15$ 0.06
RCG8/9/15$ 0.025
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Confused About Dividend Dates

Have you've ever been confused by the assortment of dividend dates, you wouldn't be an orphan. This review will navigate you through the dividend terminology. The key dates are called the ex-dividend date; the record date or books closing date; and payable date or payment date.


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